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If you are interested in Japanese Designs you can find more on the menu to the left these are taken from the Horiyoshi III Tattoo Designs and Horicho Tattoo Designs . The rest of this page we will dedicate to other tattoos for men that we think you would love  Lets add a little bit of colour then and another big favourite of mine Beautiful Tiger Tattoos For Men 
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One of the other types of design I love is the Dragon Tattoo. It gives colour and depth any ink and also tells stories about mythical warriors and the slaying of dragons. You can find more of the best dragon tattoos in the link below the gallery
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Now this page just wouldn't be the same without a bit of trible. It is still very popluar and you can combine lots of designs into one nice full sleeve or just a nice chest or single arm piece. You can also find more designs here My Favourite Tribal Tattoos For Men
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Just onto a little advice for you guys then. If you are going to get a tattoo don't get a massive one on your first time round. It hurts like hell and you need to make sure that you are happy you can go the distance. An average size tattoo will take about an hour at the minimum. Whilst this may not seem a lot, it is when you are in pain for the whole time. Most sleeves and large designs you will have to book yourselves in for multiple sessions of an hour to 2 hours. Normally charged at a rate of around about £100 per hour. So make sure you also have enough cash before getting a massive design done. Don't go cheap and by something because that is all you can afford. This is a no no. If you haven't got the money then save up and get a design that you love. I have gone over four of my original tattoos so appreciate the need to pick the right one in the first place.
We also have a much wider selection of galleries in the menu on the left hand side. Or see click on the images below to be taken to the gallery of your choice ;-)
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Also give yourself time to heal. You will bleed quite a bit and therefore won't be able to go swimming or do certain exercise as you will stretch the skin and the tattoo will crack. Make sure you buy some proper after care from the tattooist if possible. This will keep your skin moist and make sure the colours of your new design stand out for a long time. Do not pick the scab neither as you will pull the colour out as well. This will mean a revisit to go over the patches you have pulled off. Tattoos are for life guys - so get a great design, save up the money and above all else take your time. There is no need to rush to get things done. Oh and avoid having girls names tattooed on you too - not good - take it from me I have been there and had to have them covered up too ;-) All the best on your journey Leigh 
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